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Herbsstimmung?There are two reasons, why I love the autumn for caching: the warm and bright light of the last sun and - sometimes - the foggy and rainy weather with muggles inside their houses and not outside!

Now I’ll write about a wonderfull cache near Heidelberg called “Broken Stone“-Cache GCFDAB“. It starts at the old castle Strahlenburg above the village Schriessheim and you’ll go through the vineyards and woods around this castle and the old stonepit . When I did this cache, it was a warm autumn sunday andStrahlenburg they had a party in the vineyards, so you could drink and eat something there and sit down and look to Mannheim and Speyer on the other side of the Rhine valley.

You can see the height profile of a part of this cache; yeah you can take the cache for al little workout!
Teil des Höhenprofils
The cache starts at the romantic castle Strahlenburg; who want can start at Schriessheim an go uphill to the castle. There you can have aPICT0169 little stop, it’s a restaurant inside the castle. When I was there, it was very crowded becaus the winewandering and all between the several vinyards were little barbecues. It was smelling very good, but I walked through and was wandering uphill, cause there were a notice by the owner, that there should be one point, where you can get the final corordinates directly.  So I walked up and up and finally I found the place on the top of the old stonepit. But unfortunalelly any coordinates or hints. The place is the starting point for paragliding! there is a small ramp for the start and on it you can read the question: “Eingehängt?” I’m not sure if it’s a bit late to think about it at this point!

So I’ve to go downhill and look for the first stage, what I found easily. TPICT0238hen the route goes through old oaks and you have wonderfull seight over Dossenheim, the neighbour village of Schriessheim and the next old ruine, called Schauenburg.

Here you have to solve some clues and you’ll get the next coordinates. It takes you back to the old stonepit, what is now an area for freeclimber and other climbing people.  I looked from the top of the stonepit down to them, lying on the ground.

Time was going on much faster than I thought and after 4 hours I could write down: “struwwelchen found it”! On my way back I saw this balloon, coming uphill from the other side and “falling” down to Schriessheim.Heissluftballon

The cache is madeable for kids and strollers, but you need some stamina for the hill. It takes some time, minimum 2 hours but it’s worth it.
At the end you can relaxe at the Strahlenburg, having a beer or wine and looking over the Rhine-valley westwards, the sundown will take the area in red bright light and the fog is up coming from the river.
Size: Regular (Regular) Difficulty: 3 out of 5 Terrain: 3 out of 5 (1 is easiest, 5 is hardest)

Nissan TB

sawn at Flickr:

Nissan TB

I wonder how often the travelbug is discovered…..

it’s a “Spechttintling”, Coprinus picaceus;

unfortunately not edible but rarely in our forrest.
here the wikipedia article; I didn’t found any article in the english wikipedia.

now I’ll be in the statistic! The last weekend, staying at Kkassel with EelliPirelli, was very successfull; I found 52 caches; only 3 DNf’s.
The area around Kassel is called “paradies for cachers” because ther are so many caches within a circle of 5 kilometers, that you can’t get it all.

I tried and yes, it’s true! But the most of them are micros and traditionals; I’ve made 3 multis, but they were worth it. One night-cache, my second one and my first “really” night-cahce with going through a forrest and looking for reflectors and walking around1 hour.

  • PilzOn my way to a new cache I found this mushroom. It is about 10 - 15 cm long and it looks like the icecram “Magnum” But what kind of mushroom is it? Cause I don’t know much about mushrooms, the only I’ll remember when I seFliegenpilze it is a fly agaric, in german called: Fliegenpilz. I saw one at the “Reinhardswald” in the Kassel area where I was last weekend for caching with ElliPirelli. So, if there is someone who knows what kind of mushroom this is, please tell me!
  • Here you can read the translation of the most of my posts of the german blog: “Wenn das Etrex sachte pendelt” about geocaching around the beautyfull city Heidelberg. I’ll try my very best to translate the post at the same time I write it down, sometimes I’ll need a little more longer because it’s not my native language. Please forgive false friends and other typical german faults of the english language, corrections are welcome!

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