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Monthly Archive for October, 2008

Nissan TB

sawn at Flickr:

I wonder how often the travelbug is discovered…..

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what mushroom - solved

it’s a “Spechttintling”, Coprinus picaceus;
unfortunately not edible but rarely in our forrest.
here the wikipedia article; I didn’t found any article in the english wikipedia.

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200 and X…. caches found

now I’ll be in the statistic! The last weekend, staying at Kkassel with EelliPirelli, was very successfull; I found 52 caches; only 3 DNf’s.
The area around Kassel is called “paradies for cachers” because ther are so many caches within a circle of 5 kilometers, that you can’t get it all.
I tried and yes, it’s true! [...]

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what mushroom?

On my way to a new cache I found this mushroom. It is about 10 - 15 cm long and it looks like the icecram “Magnum” But what kind of mushroom is it?
Cause I don’t know much about mushrooms, the only I’ll remember when I see it is a fly agaric, in german called: Fliegenpilz. [...]

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Hello geocachers!

Here you can read the translation of the most of my postsĀ of the german blog: “Wenn das Etrex sachte pendelt” about geocaching around the beautyfull city Heidelberg.
I’ll try my very best to translate the post at the same time I write it down, sometimes I’ll need a little more longer because it’s not my native [...]

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